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What are Carpet Tiles?


Carpet Tile

Carpet tiles, also known as carpet squares are an alternative to the standard rolls of carpet. Though they are much easier for a do-it-yourselfer to install on their own, they come with pros and cons. They are typically used in commercial applications, such as in schools and airports, but are becoming more common in residential applications. When deciding whether to use a carpet roll or to opt for carpet tiles, there are several things to consider.

Styles of Carpet Tile


Carpet tiles come in many different styles and colors. They are available in: various sizes, multiple fiber types, pile styles, manufactured types, and adhesive types. This means you can likely find a carpet tile equivalent for the roll of carpet you were considering or would have otherwise used in your home. The major difference between standard carpet rolls is the tile backing material. The backing material options include: vinyl, fiberglass, vinyl/fiberglass, urethane, woven polypropylene, and recycled vinyl, though there may be others. More important than the type of backing is the manufacturer’s warranty, which will protect the investment against shrinking, buckling and curling. When this happens to the tiles, it not only creates an eyesore, but may present a safety hazard because it is easier to trip and fall.

Choosing Your Carpet Tiles


When choosing carpet tiles for your room, beyond considering the color and style, it is important to remember the bigger picture. Looking at one tile may sell you on it, but envisioning the floor as a whole will help keep the finished floor from looking like a crazy pattern. If you plan on using tiles to create a pattern, envisioning the entire floor will ensure the pattern comes out how you intended. It is also important to consider the sizes of the tiles, as they are available in multiple options. The tile size will impact the overall look of the finished floor.


Pros of Carpet Tiles


Carpet tiles have several benefits including:

•         Easier installation than standard rolled carpet. Do-it-yourself kits are available. These kits make it simple with instructions, and even measuring the tiles for the installation.

Easier cleaning and care. The tiles do not require any padding or glue to install them. Individual carpet tiles can be removed for cleaning, and replaced when dry. If one area of the floor becomes damaged, the tile can be replaced without replacing the entire floor.

Carpet tiles allow for freedom with design, allowing you to give more depth and texture to a room.


Cons of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles also come with disadvantages, including:

•         The seams of the carpet tiles are more easily seen when compared to wall-to-wall carpet rolls. Without careful installation, the seams could appear uneven.

•         Carpet tiles are less durable to wall-to-wall carpet, meaning they will wear down faster. When used in high traffic areas, they are more likely to come up at the edges.

•         Like their carpet roll counterpart, they are not ideal for areas subject to moisture where mold and mildew may become an issue. The subfloor needs to be clean and even for the best possible installation result.

•         Carpet tiles are generally more expensive than carpet rolls.

With this information in mind, you will be able to make the best decision for your budget and particular situation.

Carpet Tile Measuring Guide

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